[eng] Filofax Flex & DIY Fish insert tutorial

I found an amazing way to fill my Filofax flex with my favorite Fish insert kit, and I create a faux midori using a smooth dark Filofax flex that I bought in sale more of one month ago.

The idea came to my mind since in the Italian planner community a lot of person buy first generation Filofax flex for few euro and now are looking for a 2015 without any results. In fact in Italy and others country Filofax didn’t release 2015 calendar for flex but only notebook.

Let’s see what I did with some useful pictures.








I take a hold piece of paper 100 g and I cut it out as Lucy In wonderland before did to create a MTN from a flex {link here} and I add a elastic rubber band. Now I prepare my insert, printing out Fish’s inserts at the 95 % of size. Be sure to make some trial before to print all files, the proportion could be affect by the printer model.

Since the insert that I purchase was for Filofax personal the pages are not in booklet mode so I had to cut the pages in the center and arrange that in the correct order.

At the end I simply ad a elastic band directly to my flex making a hole using a skin puncher, but of course, you could use other instrument that you have at home, like a puncher or the end of scissors (be careful).

And it’s done. All process take like 30 min, and you have a compact LifeMapping planner to take with you everywhere 😉

look at the video here




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