From Chronology to the planner world. Introducing BioRhythm visual time tracker.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 22.01.05

Inspired from my work arrive in the planner community a new innovative visual time management system,  

Let’s explain you what mean “biorhythm”, i will try to not be a boiring scientist, I promise ;-).

circadian rhythm imageWell, making the story short the sun in the day go “up and down” following a 24 h period. The organism (some of them) recognise the light changes and respond modulating the behaviour, the metabolism, etc ..  on daily bases, that in Chronobiology it’s name Circadian rhythm. As well as the others animal we can’t escape the effect of the sun, this is why we need the sun as well as water, food, and … planners? 😛 (look at this wonderful picture)

Today,  as usual on my office desk, I was having my planner setup with the awesome insert from DIY-fish and Maryanne named Hyperdex (find them insert here ) open , when looking some of my results  I thought … (here you can immagine a turned on light) wait a minutes, there is any reason why I cannot express my time as well as I normally visualise my organism rhythm? Of course not!!!! 

Where I done as soon as possible to work and for all travel time I was thinking about. Arrive at home, I didn’t eat … because I have to take out my idea from my mind a show you guys! I’m so excited about the incredible insert I can create with this powerful guys … that name BioRhythm. 

Looking for your feed back guys!



2 risposte a "From Chronology to the planner world. Introducing BioRhythm visual time tracker."

  1. Sounds wonderful! I could just see it sketched to the left of the time line in DIY Fish. that way, we would have it in front of us to refer to as we schedule our day for work, meetings, activities and relaxation!

    How clever! I love your ideas… and love my diy Fish!


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