How to plan your month efficiently with the backward planning.

In your monthly view write:

  1. Important appointments to remember (Dr., bills, …)
  2. Birthdays;
  3. trips

NOTE : Remember to mark deadline!

Do not lose time writing specifics things for the event. Your monthly view it’s only for have in front of your eyes the big picture in order to understand what could be done in the month on the basis of the time that you already have.

For example, if you have a three-days trip in one week and an important dead line in the week after, probably it is a god idea plan some time for the project in the week before the trip, in order to have enough time and energy for complete the work in time. This planning techniques is named backward planning and it is particularly useful if you are a student.

The idea is spit big tasks (or goals) in smaller things that has to be done weekly (or daily) and assign to them to a specific time frame.

Perhaps, if you have nobody following you or your work, will be important that you establish some milestone for yourself. In that way will be easy to keep going small or big projects without jump in the procrastination hell. In fact, we usually have less problem in the “doing process” if somebody tell us “You have to do this until that day” since our mind understand “I have to do x for person y until the day z” but, if there is nobody telling us she will understand “I have to do x” and she will not give priority at the task itself at all.

Yes, I know. Psychology sometime sucks. Moreover if you have disturb like ADHD, your mind will be some like “I have to do x” and after 5 min “Oh, no, I should do y”. But this is another story …

In conclusion, keep your monthly spread more clean that you can!  Write only what it is important for your backward planning and try to enjoy the process. Go back at your monthly spread unless 2 times per week and keep it update.

And you? Are you currently using a monthly spread in your organiser? And how are you using it?

Let me know in a comment below!

Happy planning!



3 risposte a "How to plan your month efficiently with the backward planning."

  1. When I was doing bad in school, I had to attend a “get your sh*t together” workshop (not what it was actually called but it should have been), they proposed some version of this to us and I have found it SO useful! Glad to see you’re spreading the word!


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