Three small “stuff” to keep in mind if you would like sell organizer refill on-line.

  1. Know the market is foundamental. Simple as it is. Subscribe to the major blogs about Organizer and check out the socials. There are a lot of insert designers and you don’t want to be similar to any of them. Know what is already around will make easier to understand If what do you have in your mind is already there. If you meet somebody with a similar idea don’t be shy. Contact him and try to create a partnership. Be coworkers it is always better than be competitors.
  2. A calendar is a table. oh yeah! It is only a table with numbers. Could be on a foldable page or on two pages, or in one single page … But still being a table. For this reason creating something 100% new is really difficult, perhaps close to impossible. Anyway, you can create your own table with your own style. Play with your mind and your taste. Move the size of elements, design special combinations of them and make your creation unique. Keep going until you feel happy with the results.
  3. Sell freebie contents from blogs is simply wrong. If you have ideas for implement an available system contact the blog owner. Purpose your ideas keeping in mind that the author can decide if gift you with the possibility to sell the modified version or denied the permission to use the source. When this is the case, respect the decision and go ahead. This is also mandatory if you have a copy shop and you would like to sell ready-to-use printed version of template available on-line.

if you are wondering to open an e-commerce this small post will help you on the process.

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Disclaimer : English is not my first language, perhaps spelling mistakes could be present inside my posts. I am currently doing my best for improve my grammar and my vocabulary. If you are British or American feel free to advise me how to improve my writing skills.


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