5 reason for use fountain pens on daily basis

Fountain pens are beautiful writing instrument, but this is not the only reason for start using them on daily basis. I am a pens collector since the 1986, but I was more focus on ball point pens. At the Elementary school I had a Pelican fountain pen in orange but I never use it since my teachers prefer to introduce BIC ball pen instead. That was a huge mistake. If you are a pen and paper user, and/or a planner addict, here there are five reason for consider to use a fountain pen on your everyday writing.

  1. Use fountain pens increases coordination eyes-hand as well as handwriting in general;
  2. The position and the morphology of the nib effects severely on the writing posture correcting “your way” to hold a pen. How? It is pretty simple. If you hold your pen in the “wrong way” the ink do not flow from the nib and the pen do not write. Gradually your brain will  teach your hand until you will arrive to hold your pen in the right way without think about. You will also improve the posture of neck and back;
  3. The writing experience is less energy taking since the ink flow from the nib and do not require any pressure on the paper;
  4. Writing with a fountain pen is cheaper. Yep 🙂 If you are a student you should really consider to purchase a fountain pen since with one bottle of ink you can refill over and over your pen saving a huge amount of money.
  5. Use fountain pen is environmental friendly. For the same reason of the point n.4. you could reduce the amount of garbage that you produce. One pen with one bootle of ink and you are ready to go. The only think that will going to be trash is the bottle of ink when you will purchase a new one and the nib (just in case you want to change nib size or the nib broke)

This is why in the last 3 month I use only fountain pen. I have a LAMY and a Kaweco pen. One have an italic nib and the other have a fine nib. I use this set up since I love lettering and having two kind of nib with the same ink make me happy when I try different writing styles on my Journal, but when I am in University I usually take with me only the Kaweco with fine nib for taking notes.

I hope that this post answer some of the questions that I received about the pens that I currently use and why I use them. I would like to encourage you to share your experience with pen and fountain pen leaving a comment down below. Do you use fountain pen? What is your favorite pen? Were did you usually purchase ink and supply?

Have a nice week end






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