Toroko shop on etsy. Where is the hand made?

toroko shop notebook  production

Unlikely  for us, artigianate lovers, if we want to support hand made, we will find hard time. Today, I was checking my favorite stationary groups on fb and I saw a video from Toroko shop that was advertised by the fb group admin. Nothing new at this point, but when I went to see the video was clear to me that the shop wasn’t a creative propriety but more an industrial production. I was pretty surprised!

Then, I went back to etsy to check the rules and I saw that, as I thought, only hand made products can be sold on etsy platform.

As etsy costumer, I felts a bit of absence of respect since when I decide to go on etsy for my shopping I expect to buy something hand made and not the results of a mount chain. If I want an industrial product I can simply go in a stationary shop and purchase a moleskine notebook.

Not get me wrong, I respect the workers of Toroko shop but, in my opinion, them should have them own stand alone company, pay the right amount of taxes, and do not stay in a platform dedicated to help hand made and artigianate.

One industry can keep the cost lower than a small artigian and produce massive quantities of journal, notebook that when them arrive to market will be of course competitive respect the hand made one. This is unfear for the costumer, that think to purchase a cheaper hand made notebook or planner, and for the artigian, that can’t purpose the same object at the same lower price.

Of course, this is only my costumer opinion. What do you think about big companies selling them products on etsy? Do you also think that them shouldn’t be there? Let’s try to keep a peaceful discussion please 😉



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